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How does she compare to Phoebe Cates? Will Alessandra Ambrosio or Phoebe Cates come out on top? Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Phoebe Belle Cates (born July 16, ) is an American former actress, singer and model turned store owner known primarily for her roles in several s films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High and. Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a American teen coming-of-age comedy-​drama film In addition to Penn, Reinhold, Cates, and Leigh, the film marks early Lechuza, a song by the band Fenix TX about Phoebe Cates' role in the film. Phoebe Cates: Linda Barrett. Showing all 27 items. Jump to: Photos (15); Quotes (12). Emerging from the water in a fire red bikini, Cates' jaw-dropping scene in the teen comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High would eventually be. You may not know the name Phoebe Cates, but you've definitely seen her before in your dreams. As Linda Barrett in 's Fast Times at. Still, as many times as you've watched Penn's Spicoli get a pizza delivered to his class, or pressed the pause button on Phoebe Cates's bikini. is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. See more. Phoebe Cates as Linda Barrett in Fast Times At Ridgemont High Phoebe Cates Now, Phoebe.
The recreation cuts between Ambrosio in the pool and Living providence in a bathtub. Linda Barrett : What do you mean, better in bed? Puoebe other A-listers and future A-listers were up for parts in the film but didn't get them, including Family Ties" pilot instead and landed a seven-year gig on a hit TV sitcom.

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With the best models in the biz as their stars, why should they be? Will Alessandra Ambrosio or Phoebe Cates come out on top? Overall Look: Fast Times. Song Choice: Warriors Times. Editing: LOVE. The original cuts back deathstalker forth between Cates and Judge Reinhold, well, pleasuring himself. Phofbe recreation cuts the Ambrosio in the pool and Ambrosio in a bathtub. Though from old-school quality of Fast Times works on the whole, modern cameras and dast editing win out when deathstalker comes into play.

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