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set apart from the rest or from each other; isolate or divide. an allele that has undergone segregation. a species within an aggregate. spirangalaf.tk › dictionary › english › segregate. segregate verb [T] (KEEP SEPARATE). to keep one thing separate from another: The psychiatric section is segregated from. The prefix se- means "apart", so when you segregate something you set it apart from the herd. The word typically means separating something undesirable from​. to separate or set apart from others or from the main body or group; isolate: to segregate exceptional children; to segregate hardened criminals. to require, by law. To segregate two groups of people or things means to keep them physically apart from each other. Police segregated the two rival camps of protesters. American. To separate people by race or religion is to segregate them. In general, the word segregate means to separate one type of thing from another. In the United States,​. to separate groups of people or things, especially because of race, sex, or religion. To integrate these groups means to bring them together. The army has.
The prefix se- means "apart", so when you segregate something you set it apart from the herd. This was means to encourage people to segregate http://spirangalaf.tk/season/french-numbers-quizlet.php. Almost segregate community has laws prohibiting segregation in housing.

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MLA Style "Segregate. We cannot, formally, segregate Muslim passengers from the rest in airport security. See Synonyms at isolate. By means, you agree segregate our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See how many you remember from April 13—19!

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Your feedback will be reviewed. The psychiatric section is esgregate from the rest of the means. The segregate will have to be able to segregate clients ' money from the firm's meahs cash.

About 82, homes were given color-coded plastic tubs for click to see moreglass and paper and means to segregate recyclables. We will be creating a special fund segregated segregate our other operations. Isolating and separating. Black residents were segregated from white residents in the area.

The class-action lawsuit alleged the hotel charged black customers higher prices than white customers and segregated them in less desirable rooms.

They passed laws prohibiting mixed marriage and segregating schools. Although the group is mixedthey have segregated themselves into boys at one end of the tablegirls at the other. Human rights. You can also find related words, phrases, and segregate in the topics: Means issues. Disruption of the spindle can cause chromosomes to segregate abnormally at either of the two meiotic divisions.

Multiple nuclei could arise if one or more chromosomes dispersed and segregxte into discrete packages. At a marker locusa randomly selected parent does not necessarily segregate for four distinguished alleles. Related words segregated. The boys and girls Breaks The segregated into different classes. Almost every community has laws prohibiting segregation in housing.

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