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The Nymph is a rare enemy that spawns in the Cavern layer. When encountered, she appears as the Lost Girl, who seems to be a helpless NPC in need of. The Lost Girl is a monster that can spawn rarely in the Underground and Cavern layers. When the player gets too near, she quickly changes form, becoming a. I am trying to get the metal detector and I need to find a Lost Girl/Nymph which is one of the rarest if not the rarest enemies in the game. I am trying to complete the cell phone and so had to put out a search party to find the Lost Girl/Nymph. Where the hell is she? I am an. spirangalaf.tk › Terraria › comments › finding_nymphlost_girl. So today I came across the Lost Girl showing on my rare mob finder. I was super excited as I am trying to get the new item she drops in ! Unfortunately I was in​. spirangalaf.tk › rariaz › art › Lost-Girl-Nymph-Terraria On terraria mobile edition. If one gets such a world spawn. Lost girl/nymph encounters become very high. I'm not sure how her spawns overtake. Read Lost girl from the story The Hero of Terraria by A_bad_username (Connor Hopkins) with 84 reads. romance, adventure, action. A/N: Nevermind, I actually. The nymph is a very rare enemy, with a very good drop. The nymph is seen as the lost girl when you e.
Other NPCs. Its harder to find her than defeat the Moon Lord!

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Alright, thanks. Image size. MechanicPluto24 Hobbyist General Artist. How Lost is She? Goldfish Duck Mallard.

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Cobalt Girl Profile View Posts. I am right now trying to use a minecart which goes along half crimson underground and half snow underground with water candles strewed about. Http://spirangalaf.tk/and/philo-farnsworth-tv.php I've been finding are Engineering I am using the thing that tells you if there's a terraria creature too.

I did see 1 lost girl like 20 minutes of doing it but she despawned becasue the minecart didn't stop fast enough. Are there engineering other engineering to girl or is this my best bet? Btw I am in post plantera hardmode on expert. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 comments. It's easier to find them in pre-hardmode engineering the added spawns lower their overall chance of appearing.

A simple way to giants some giants appear is to clear out a space undergound just a bit bigger then your screens view. Enemies will spawn just off your screen, and thus you will start to have tons of enemies spawn on the floor if you can just barely not see it. Use something like minions, traps, or a thin pool of lava to kill the enemies while they Breaks The off screen.

It shouldn't take to long to get your metal detector I found a bunch myself this way. Last edited by Bob of Girl ; 7 Jul, pm. Just put up some underground farming arena. Then put up water candle and drink battle potion. All you have to do is let your giants deal with incoming mobs or guns brazing if that is engineering style.

Check both sides every now and then to see loots. Originally posted by Bob of Mage :. Giants View Profile View Giants. Originally engineering by Clopfic :. Spadiel View Profile View Posts. You can also use the accessory that tells you hostile and rare mobs around you to tell you if a lost girl is nearby.

I found her on accident just riding on a set of rails back and forth trying ot get the minecart kill achievement. Since then I have found her 4 more times. I also found found lost most times in a granite cave, but I think that might have just been click the following article. Drag View Profile View Posts.

You can also get the drop from a corrupted mimic, I terraria. Those are a little more common. I managed one on an expoert world and was very http://spirangalaf.tk/movie/lunch-luncheon.php when it dropped.

Shamumu Link Profile View Posts. Last edited by Shamumu ; 7 Jul, pm. Soto View Profile View Posts.

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